"Left Handed"

     Our left or right “handedness” is an integral part of our identity. For decades, I have used my right, dominant hand to write, draw, and paint. Challenged to experiment with my non-dominant hand in art classes, I discovered a unique communication between my brain and my left hand which allowed authentic emotion to emerge. 

     “Left-Handed,” is an exploration of gestural drawing and contour line created using my left hand. The imprecision of line drawn by my non-dominant hand speaks to our human imperfection. Given that we use our hands to express every conceivable emotion from rage to tenderness, I chose gestures which evoke a visceral response—the joy of a child holding a flower, or the sadness of a mother’s hands withered by arthritis and broken bones. As we are a “work in progress” throughout our lives, some of the work remains purposely unfinished or displayed in process. Influenced by artist Egon Schiele, I’ve mixed wet charcoal, acrylics, and coffee to create works of raw emotional expression.


Currently on exhibit at Danforth Gallery at Jewett Hall on UMA Campus until May 29, 2015.