Doreen Morgan

     After nearly 30 years as Creative Services Director in television and radio, I abandoned the high-stress corporate world of media to achieve my life-long dream of working as a visual artist. Over the years, I've experimented with lots of different media including photography,oil and acrylic painting, jewelry design, and handcrafts. Paint and charcoal have become my favorites as both continually challenge me, and I especially love to put them together!


     Largely self-taught, I decided to pursue classical art training and earned a BA in Studio Art. This complements my BS in Education with fresh skills to teach and make art.


     I find inspiration in many artists -- from the old masters to contemporary living artists. My major influences are Egon Schiele, Dahlov Ipcar, Georgia O'Keefe, Pablo Picasso and Franz Marc. I also appreciate the narratives of Benton and the visceral color of Rothko.